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Impact Berry

WAKE-UP CALL (Robusta)

WAKE-UP CALL (Robusta)

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Each bag of this coffee supports clean drinking water and farmers in Indonesia.
Sunbeams shoot through your window and make you blink into the enlightened room. You are waking up, slowly and still sleepy, but swinging out of bed to get ready for the day. All that is missing is your morning cup of coffee to boost your energy and kick off a new and successful day! This coffee is your perfect morning cup - mouthful, strong, rich flavours of the vanilla- and cacao plants it grows with.
Origin & Taste

The coffee beans are hand-picked and processed at a small family coffee farm in the lush jungles of northern Lombok, Indonesia.

ROAST medium | Filter, Espresso
COFFEE BEAN 100% organic fine Robusta Coffee
ELEVATION 1.000 masl
PROCESS Natural 
How to brew
The coffee works well with all coffee machines and brewing methods; best as espresso or a strong filter coffee. Check our Moka Pot Brewing Guide.

Freshly Roasted in Hong Kong

Roasting coffee beans is not only an art, it also requires skill and perseverance. We freshly roast our organic coffees right here in Hong Kong.

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