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Freshly Roasted in Hong Kong. Delivered to your door.

Specialty coffee beans from fertile volcano soil in the lush jungles of Indonesia and Vietnam.

Fairtrade Coffee freshly roasted in Hong Kong


Impact Berry carefully selects regional premium coffees that are grown and handpicked by communities with generations of coffee experience. To ensure best quality, we roast freshly in Hong Kong with expertise and passion.

Hong Kong Coffee Social Responsibility Creating Shared Value Hong Kong


We work directly with coffee farmers to ensure they get a price better than fair-trade. And with every bag of coffee purchased we fund projects that empower the communities with clean water, infrastructure and education.

Sustainable Coffee Low Footprint Hong Kong


Impact Berry premium coffee grows free from pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Being part of a beautiful ecosystem, it preserves the habitat of many indigenous species that deserves to be preserved.

"People in our office love the coffee and we need to re-order because we are running out of it."

Josephine C., Office Manager

"Your coffee is so great! After finishing my first bag, I couldn't drink any other coffee any more!"

Paul K., Coffee Addict

"You really gave us back our hope. With what you do, you help us re-build our economy and our esteem."

Bob Habibullah, Village Representative

I drink it every morning. It's just great!

Claire V., Coffee Connoisseur

Let's Impact Together !

We believe in the power of coffee to uplift – not only the coffee drinker – but the coffee roaster, the coffee picker, the coffee farmer and their families, too. Join the impact as we empower rural communities in Asia to earn a sustainable income from cultivating the best coffees.

With what you love: Drinking the best coffees out there!



  • Impact Berry UN Sustainability Goals

  • UN Sustainable Development Goal 1 - No Poverty - Impact Berry
  • UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 - Quality Education - Impact Berry
  • UN Sustainable Development Goal 6 - Clean Water - Impact Berry
  • UN Sustainable Development Goal 8 - Decent Work - Impact Berry
  • UN Sustainable Development Goal 10 - Reduced Inequalities - Impact Berry
  • UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 - Responsible Consumption - Impact Berry
  • UN Sustainable Development Goal 13 - Climate Action - Impact Berry