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Moka Pot Brewing


There are so many coffee brewing methods out there and sometimes it seems hard to pick the one that suits exactly what our pallet is seeking for. Let's look at the Moka Pot of which the most commonly know probably was invented by Alfonso Bialetti, Italian Engineer and founder of today's italian coffee tool maker Bialetti.

The Moka Pot or Bialetti Brikka produces a moka coffee, very close to a dense espresso, sirupy in texture, strong in taste and with a chocolaty note to it.

Mocha vs. Moka

Is it not the same? Well, not precisely. Both names, originate from the same term - mocha. Mocha itself essentially is the name of a city in Yemen and at the same time of a coffee variety that was grown there and exported as early as the 1900's. The name of this variety, thanks to its chocolaty taste made its way into coffee preparation and gave the moka pot its name.

Is the Moka Coffee for me?

The simple and easy answer is - YES, it is! The Moka Pot is an incredibly easy method to brew a decent coffee. For beginners as well as for experienced barista.

With the Moka Pot you can easily brew your morning cup of coffee at home and easily resemble an espresso. You like it black and strong? Keep it as it is! You prefer a cappuccino or flat white? Just add some milk or plant based milk to blend in with your moka coffee. Or even foam it with your french press!

What do you need to brew with the Moka Pot?

1. Moka Pot (Bialetti Brikka, Bialetti Moka Pot or similar)

2. Coffee Beans (the Impact Blend works best for Moka Coffee and espresso)

2. Coffee Grinder & Scale (if you have them, elsewise measure powder with a spoon)

3. Gas stove or induction cooker

How to Brew Coffee with the Moka Pot?

Step 1

Unscrew the top of the Moka Pot, take out the sieve and fill water fresh from the boil around halt of the bottom part (below the valve).

Step 2

Grind around 20 gram of coffee beans (that's ~2 tablespoons of beans), around as fine as for a cup of espresso (10-20% on your grinder scale - Coffee Grinding Basics)


Step 3

Put the sieve back to the bottom of the Moka Pot and fill the coffee powder up to the top. Don't push it tight but gently even out the surface.

Step 4

Screw the top of the Moka Pot to the bottom.


Step 5

Place the Moka Pot on your stove or induction plate. Apply gentle heat, around 30%. (when you get a Moka Pot, make sure, it works with your induction cooker. The material should be some kind of steel, no aluminium).


Step 6

After a short while, your sirupy, dense moka espresso will collect in the pot! Keep the lid closed at times of brewing (and please apologise we didn't for the picture :) ).


Step 7

Well done! Your moka coffee is finally ready. Get relaxed, prepare for great taste and enjoy your home brewed coffee!



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