FAQ - Frequently Asked (Coffee Beans) Questions

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The short answer is - That is entirely up to you! Coffee is all about the taste, so, if the coffee is delicious to you, it is good coffee. If not, it is not good coffee particularly for you! The long answer is - There are various objective quality criteria for coffee beans such as the number of defects per 100 beans, the humidity and the density just to name a few. These criteria help classify and rate different coffee beans to make them comparable. Specialty coffee beans, like Impact Berry Coffee, for instance does have higher densities and controlled humidity to avoid mold. This per definition makes a good coffee!  
Amongst the hundreds of different coffee varieties, Arabica Coffee (coffea arabica) and Robusta Coffee (coffea robusta) are the two main type coffees with dozens of sub varieties. These two varieties have different properties such as the caffeine content and the taste profile, whereas Robusta has double the caffeine than Arabica and produces a strong cup to wake you up in the morning. Despite Robusta has a rather chocolatey, nutty taste profile. Arabica rather has a fruity, slightly acidic taste profile.

 Impact Berry is Hong Kong’s first active social and most sustainable coffee company. What is special about Impact Berry is, that we have control over the whole supply chain. This means working closely with the farmers, importing the unroasted beans ourselves with our Hong Kong import license, roast with our roasting partner and finally give back to the community where the coffee beans comes from. Despite, Impact Berry only sources Asian coffees. This strengthens the region and at the same time makes your morning cup much more sustainable through short travel distances and a low footprint

 Impact Berry is incorporated in Hong Kong. We import here, roast here and sell our coffee here. Impact Berry is from Hong Kong, for Hong Kong.

Impact Berry coffee grows in the lush jungles of Indonesia and in the misty highlands of Vietnam.
Yes, Impact Berry is not only Fair-Trade but better! As we initiate education, infrastructure and environmental projects in the sourcing regions, we do not stop at paying a good price to the farmers but go one step beyond. We apply a creating shared value approach (CSV) to unlock mutual values along the supply chain, to take everyone along and ensure, everyone benefits.
Yes, Impact Berry coffee grows without chemical pesticides and fertilizers in its natural ecosystem. Working directly with the farms, we know their farming practices and can ensure the high quality of our organic coffees.
Yes, Impact Berry aims to make coffee as sustainable as possible. That’s why we only source Asian coffee to minimize beans travel distances to avoid long flight journeys from South America or Africa.

Footprint matters in every purchase decision we make! The carbon footprint of an average person in Hong Kong lies around 10 t per year. For being environmentally friendly, the average footprint needs to reduce to 2.5 t per year. This is only possible through a massive reduction in consumption in general or through consumption of products and services that are carbon neutral or significantly lower in carbon emissions.

Impact Berry sources only in Asia and ships via sea freight. These two aspects reduce the Carbon Footprint of the transport by as much as up to 12 kg CO2 / kg coffee compared to small lot air freight from south america or africa.

...on the Coffee Beans.

We roast our coffee beans in a Giesen drum roaster together with our roasting partner at ROASTWORK. We jointly determine the roast profiles that best suit the bean and to get out maximum flavor - then, roast the coffee beans to perfection in our Prince Edward roastery. 

Yes, Impact Berry coffee is always fresh and has a shelf life of a year if unopened.

If you are unsure about which coffee suits you best, feel free to use our support-WhatsApp-chat or drop us an email here. We are more than happy to consult you on our different coffees.

We sell both, beans and powder. You can choose through the dropdown menu on the product page of each coffee.

Yes, you can choose through the dropdown menu on the product page of each coffee.

Roasted coffee beans lock in the flavor well. As soon, as the beans are ground, the surface multiplies and the flavor can evaporate much faster! Think of bread - you would rather slice it right before eating, rather than storing pre-sliced bread for a few months, right?

You can store the unopened bag for a year after roasting. Once the bag is opened, we recommend to consume the coffee within 2 months.

Yes we can. You can select “powder” in the drop down menu on the product page. However, consider to get yourself a grinder to always have freshly ground coffee at hand to not loose flavor! 

Don’t worry, its as easy as this - browse to our Grinding Basics to learn more. 

We are working on a subscription model. Please drop us an email, in case you are interested. 

Absolutely, you can enquire here on our Office Coffee Solutions. 

...on Checkout & Delivery.

Yes, we deliver via SF Express right to your door!

You can choose between SF Express delivery to your door. Alternatively, we can send to a SF Locker of your choice. Additionally, we send out via courier for bigger volumes.

Delivery is free for orders over 250 HKD. Below, standard delivery comes at 30 HKD.

We send out your coffee usually within 1-2 days. SF Express usually takes another 1-2 days. Mostly you will receive your coffee within 3 days. 

We process payments via the secure payment gateway of shopify. You can order via any Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, ..), via PayPal, via Google- or Apple Pay.

Yes, the payment gateways are secured and encrypted via SSL at all times. For further information, please feel free to visit Shopify’s PCI Compliance Site.

Yes, you can trace your order via SF Express online tracking system. Once, your order is fulfilled, you will receive a tracking code from us via email.

It is very unlikely that your order does not arrive as SF Express has a very high delivery accuracy. However, if you parcel gets lost, we find a solution, that will make you happy! 

In case you would like to change your order just reach out to us and we will amend the order for you.

As coffee is a food item and we need to ensure a high hygienic standard, you cannot return your items. In case however, you do not like your coffee, we find a solution that will make you happy.

Great! Simply browse to our online shop, select the coffee you want and check-out. Your coffee will be at your doorstep in a glimpse!