About the Berries

Our coffee is wild. It comes from the jungles of Indonesia and Vietnam, nurtured by volcanic soil, misty rains and tropical sunshine. And it tastes just as rich as its lush surroundings.
The berries are handpicked and processed by local communities who know their stuff. They’ve been cultivating coffee for generations. They know what good quality looks, feels and smells like.

And we roast it here in Hong Kong, minimising travel to keep our carbon footprint low.

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About the Impact

We love our planet.

And we believe that everyone can have what they need without destroying the earth. 

Our mission is to find sustainable ways of empowering rural communities to lift themselves out of poverty, and one of those ways is through organic coffee. We work directly with farmers to ensure they’re paid a fair wage, and 30% of our profits go to community projects that help people learn, earn, stay healthy and build a better life for themselves.

We also want to empower people like you in your commitment to be kind to the planet. As well as providing an organic option for coffee drinkers, we partner with urban rooftop farming initiatives in Hong Kong and fund environmental projects across Asia.

Who we’re empowering

About us

It all started with a question: “How can we live our values?”

That question led us to quit our corporate jobs in 2018 and travel the world in search of a deeper way to connect, a new way to work, a better way to be. Of all the amazing people we met, it was the communities living in the earthquake-devastated regions of Indonesia that had the greatest impact on us.

We wanted to do something. And while volunteering and donating did help, we knew a more sustainable solution was needed. So we started looking for ways the villagers could create new streams of income. That’s when we discovered their rich heritage and expertise in coffee.

By growing, processing and distributing coffee in a responsible way that balances the needs of the consumer, the farmer and the environment, Impact Berry is providing a way forward. Good for you, good for the community, good for the planet.

But most importantly of all, this is not about us. It’s about you.

If you’re asking a similar question, we have two words for you: Join us!

Let’s make a difference together.

Sonja and Timo



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