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About Impact Berry

Organic. Wild. Empowering.

Impact Berry is the first social specialty coffee brand from and for Hong Kong. We provide high quality organic single origin coffees solely from Asia - to make some rare and great coffees accessible to you while minimising bean travel times for a low footprint. All of our coffees grow on fertile volcano soil, are hand picked and freshly roasted in Hong Kong with expertise and passion by our specialty roaster.

Impact Berry is committed to utilise coffee as a tool by creating shared value along the whole supply chain and to empower the communities we work with.

We constantly partner for efficient resource use to benefit the planet and initiate and fund education, infrastructure and environmental projects through local NGOs on the ground - both in our sourcing communities and in Hong Kong, where we contribute to self sustainability and employment by empowering urban farming initiatives.

Growth starts with a berry.

This story begins in April 2018. Coming from a corporate environment we had the urge to drastically but sustainably change our approach to business, reflect about ourselves, our drivers and the way we would integrate work into our lifes. Even more though, what work really means to us, where work starts and where it ends. Not knowing where to head, we started experiencing the world in another way than before. Diving even deeper into cultures and different approaches to life, listening to people and their unique stories while traveling from Europe to Timor-Leste by land and sea and spending time to find the hidden spots of the region, away from the crowds.

During the time we got in touch with various local communities and their unique economies, learning first hand about their divers characteristics, their hurdles but also opportunities. We found this insight and versatile view having a huge impact on us. The sympathy and curiosity eventually inspired us to return something.

Having been in the region during several severe earthquakes in the course of 2018, with infrastructure and 90% of houses destroyed in some areas, drove our decision to volunteering in small villages in the earthquake areas – where help was needed most. What was important to us though, was this to happen in an impactful, efficient and sustainable way, making best use of, and leveraging our capacity rather than just helping out in the short-term. Being immersed for quite a while created a strong bond with the local people and even more a deep understanding about needs and shortcomings of the structures on site. While seeing and feeling the strong need for funds, we looked out for unique expertises that could be monetised – for the simple reason that money is mostly appreciated stronger when earned than given. This search came to an end, when we understood the local presence of a rich, generations-long expertise in cultivating coffee.

The coffee berry is a fruit and contains the bean, source of the beloved stimulating drink, that some of us like to start our days with. At the same time though, it is a multiplier. An enabler and potential for yet another coffee tree and subsequently hundreds of new berries and trees. We want to plant the seed to make an impact.

Impact Berry aims to utilize coffee as a tool, not only to deliver enjoyment but even more to empower local communities and their economies, to convert existing knowledge into an increase of living standard, health and education.

Let’s impact together!

Yours, Sonja and Timo



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