Which water filter is best? | Impact Berry

Which water filter is best? | Impact Berry

Everybody on earth should have access to clear, filtered drinking water. For every cup of ImpactBerry coffee you drink, you contribute to clean drinking water for the people in the communities who grow and cultivate the robusta coffee beans.

clean filtered drinking water Hong Kong
Sarsak community on Lombok, receiving water filters

While getting to know local communities in both Vietnam and Indonesia, we saw first-hand the necessity of being able to have access to clean drinking water every day, irrespective of how developed an area is. In Indonesia, we partner with the Pituq Foundation, providing funds from your coffee purchases. Pituq distributes much-needed water filters to rural communities, which are made in Bandung, a small city in the mountains of Java, the second biggest island of Indonesia. Each water filter provides clean drinking water for about 25 people. The ceramic-charcol filter inside can be cleaned by cooking it in boiling water.  Rather than importing water filters from abroad, we prefer to support the distribution of water filters made locally in Indonesia. This has been one of the important factors for us to answer to the question:

"Which water filter is best?"

Over the last few months, through Pituq we’ve been redistributing funds for rice, masks and basic needs due to the on-going coronavirus pandemic, and so we have still kept our commitment to supporting Pituq strong. And by drinking Impact Berry coffee, you are furthering this work, too.
rice masks corona pandemic supplies
Water filters distributed by Pituq Foundation
corona pandemic supplies lombok
Sarsak community on Lombok, receiving water filters


Here is what Ato Suprapto, General Director of Agriculture and Infrastructure,

Ministry of Agriculture, Indonesia, writes about:

Land and water resources development in Indonesia



Text by Sonja, Mel, Tigger

Fotos by Pituq, Cici Hung@cici9265

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