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Water Purifier for Developing Areas | Impact Berry

More than 1000 people have access to clean water through various projects as of today.

Thanks to your coffee purchases and the diligent work of Pituq Foundation over the last months, together we have been able to provide clean drinking water access through water purifiers to already 450 people.

The idea and understanding of the need for clean drinking water and its importance started, when we stayed in the earthquake struck area around Dangiang, a tiny village in the north of Lombok. The water pipes were broken because of the earthquake and we invested money to buy new ones together with the people living in the village. The day the water pipes arrived, the whole village came together to get them into the ground. 144 families (600 people) were able to get clean water from the waterfall in the mountains, from that day on. See more here.   

As there are so many tiny villages on Lombok, and only a few of them are close enough to waterfalls to have pipes passing it to the village, we saw the need for a more flexible solution. Therefore the water filters, that Pituq Foundation distributes, are a very intelligent tool for this, because you can use any kind of water from ponds to dirty rivers, well or rain water. No electricity needed, no boiling, just the ceramic - activated carbon filter.


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