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Our Partnership with Pituq goes on!

Impact Berry and Pituq partnered in fall 2019, envisioning to join forces for uplifting communities in the north of Lombok. The north of the island was hit by a series of several severe earthquakes in 2018 that destroyed around 90% of infrastructure and homes.

Due to these devastating events, thousand of people lost their lives, their shelter and most importantly their feeling of a safe home.

Knowing the region and being in close contact with both Pituq as well as the communities themselves, we at Impact Berry believe, that continuous fresh water supply is of utmost importance. - For maintaining hygiene but also for drinking.

Pituq is doing phenomenal community and charity work since their founding some years back. Part of these initiatives is the support of communities with important items of everyday life.

Since Impact Berry joined Pituq in their efforts to support communities around north Lombok, as of the 31st of January 2020, together with your help by purchasing Impact Berry coffee bags, we could already achieve to provide clean and fresh drinking water access to 250 people.

Water is filtered through combined ceramics + coal filters, that are manufactured in Bandung, West Java. By using a local supplier shipping the filters to Lombok, we ensure to strengthen local economy even further.

For further information or inspirations, feel free to approach us!


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