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Impact Berry

Drip Bag Coffee (10 bags)

Drip Bag Coffee (10 bags)

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You love freshly brewed, aromatic coffee? But you have little time and want it convenient?

Our Impact Berry Coffee Drip Bags are the perfect companion to get you going in the morning without much time and equipment needed. Simply place the hanging ear bag with the coffee powder in a cup and pour hot water.

We pack 10 drip bags in one box, available in 4 phenomenal flavour profiles:

Jungle Fruit - Strawberry | Dark Plum | Grapes
(10 x 10g | 100% organic Arabica Coffee, natural processing)

Sweet Viet - Caramel-Popcorn | Red Fruit | Honey
(10 x 10g | 100% organic Arabica Coffee, honey processing)

Wake-Up Call - Vanilla | White Chocolate | Hazelnut
(10 x 10g | 100% organic Robusta Coffee, natural processing)

Impact Blend - Hazelnut | Chocolate | Citrus
(10 x 10g | 100% organic Arabica&Robusta Coffee, washed/natural processing)
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