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Coffee Grinding Basics

Think of grinding coffee as one of the main influencers of the taste in your cup after brewing! And it makes sense - actually you want to extract the aromas from the coffee by "washing" it with hot water, right? This is why grinding is important.

Depending on how fine or coarse you grind, determines which flavours get extracted and which are not. This is good news because you yourself can influence with how your coffee will taste!
Most grinders have a scale from 0-5, from 0-10 or from 0-12. In the sections below we will give a % to unify the grinding level. E.g. 80% on a scale from 0-5 would hence be 4, whereas on a scale from 0-10 it's 8.
Now, here comes the interesting part - You can grind your coffee by just following 2 simple rules:
1) Coarse grind for pour overs, fine grind for espresso.
2) More coarse = lighter, more fruity | More fine = stronger, more body
Now, at what level do you grind for different brewing methods?
French Press Coffee Maker: 80-90%
Drip Coffee | V60: 70-80%
Aeropress: 80%
Espresso: 10-20%
Get yourself a hand grinder to safe electricity and connect even closer with your brewing technique!
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