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by Sonja & Timo June 30, 2020 1 min read

Most of the world's coffee is grown on monoculture farms to ensure a more stable harvest. However, monoculture brings it’s own set of problems. At ImpactBerry, we not only source our coffee from biodiverse areas but also support those who plant native tree species in the area to diversify and nurture the local ecosystem. Promoting biodiversity in this way also helps to support farmers, by providing a variety of crops to harvest all year round for a more stable income.

In April, we started our partnership with Eco Vietnam Group. They run a permaculture farm and plant trees near a river in the Lam Dong region. 

And we’re pleased to announce:

the first 30 trees have beenplanted!

They are all fruit trees: 5 Burmese grape trees, 5 passionfruit trees and 20 papaya trees!
These will all add to the richness of the ecosystem. Burmese grapes also have a lot of health benefits: weight loss and increased immunity to name a few.


Besides planting trees, the Eco Vietnam Group also support Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and have established, among many other programmes, alibrary for community building, equipped with technical knowledge for children.

promote biodiversity vietnam

Harry, the group’sCEO, has an engineering background, which inspired him to bring STEM practices to children in Vietnam, his home country. His goal is to empower children to learn and enjoy practical scientific activities at a young age. This is exactly in line with our mission and other educational initiatives we’ve implemented at Impact Berry, and it’s an honor to partner with such a dedicated group in this shared cause.


Text by Sonja and Mel, advisory by Tigger

Fotos by EcoVietnamGroup and Donald Trần



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