Problems of Education in Rural Areas | Impact Berry

by Sonja & Timo October 17, 2019 1 min read

Problems of Education in Rural Areas Impact Berry

When doing impactful and meaningful things, we especially empower those, who empower others. Being able to inspire others to rethink their ways of doing, motivates and energizes us. It educates us as well to be sensitive, to look after each other and to be even more tolerant towards the things we don´t understand or don´t know.

Impact Berry frequently conducts teacher trainings and coachings such as here in east Lombok. We do this jointly with our partner NGO Baraka Nusantara, who work on the ground in small mountain villages, that were hit hard by recent earthquakes in central indonesia.

Workshops can cover various educational topics such as the role of the teacher, creativity techniques and practical sessions to get into the doing :-)


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