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日本RIVERS Micro Coffee Dripper

日本RIVERS Micro Coffee Dripper

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One of the smallest and most convenient Coffee Drippers available!

This Micro Coffee Dripper is a true allrounder and a new alternative to V60 - For home use or in the outdoors, you can easily take the small coffee tool with you in your bag to enjoy great coffee everywhere! It consists of an outer Silicone Rubber ring and an inner solid ring carrying the filter mesh with a funnel design, similar to a small V60.

A great advantage of this coffee filter is its portability. The outer ring can be folded and stored easily in any common reusable coffee cup, the inner can be placed on top.

The Micro Coffee Dripper can be used without any professional brewing knowledge and produces a very mellow and delicious cup of coffee.

Product name: Micro coffee dripper
Raw material: Polypropylene (filter) / Stainless steel (mesh) / Silicone rubber (holder) Size: approx. W81mm x D81mm x H46mm
Heat resistance: 200 ℃ (holder) / 140 ℃ (filter)
Cold resistance: -40 ℃ (holder, filter)
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