Where the ImpactBerry seed was sown... | Impact Berry

Where the ImpactBerry seed was sown... | Impact Berry

Dangiang. A tiny village in the north of Lombok, which was the epicentre of a severe earthquake with the magnitude 6.9 in August 2018.

Here is were we went, without any professional knowledge of how to help or what help means. We were driven by the mere motivation to support with some of our money, our time and what we learnt from life and our former corporate and office jobs so far.

As a present from the people of Dangiang we received many learnings and inspirations, but also 2 bags of coffee which inspired us months later to create Impact Berry - a social enterprise that aims to energize and motivate and of course provide wild organic ethically sourced coffee.

Many things followed afterwards, which are difficult to explain in words, because everything is so intense and happens so fast.

Here are some of the impacts we contributed along the way and some impressions from that time in Dangiang.






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