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by Sonja & Timo November 23, 2019 1 min read

Super strong partnership Impact Berry sime basioli

The first steps are made! We teamed up with Pituq Foundation whose mission is to help the people of Lombok to rebuild their community.

Lombok, the island, where our Indonesian coffees come from.Thanks to Pituqs great and kind people, we can now say that with every bag sold of Impact Berries, we contribute to fresh drinking water to many different communities on Lombok. The first 50 people have access to it, many more coming in the next months.

Fresh drinking water is one of the most important resources, especially in earthquake areas. We experienced, what it means to not being able to have access to drinking water ourselves, when after the earthquakes in 2018 the water pipes in Dangiang where broken and we stayed without dfresh drinking water several days. Thanks to Pituqs water filters, produced locally in Bandung (on Java), and their unique, but simple ceramic filtering system, an efficient and robust method is established to relief drinking needs and assure supply.

Join us on our water mission!


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