Sustainable Lifestyle Brands We Love @ Impact Berry

Sustainable Lifestyle Brands We Love @ Impact Berry

As a coffee business with a supply chain that revolves around Creating Shared Value (CSV), Impact Berry is a huge fan of other brands and initiatives like ours. Sustainability is at the top of the list for these shared values, and we're excited to introduce some local Hong Kong and international brands that we love and support. They put the environment first but truly bring added value to the products and ideas they offer. Many are organic brands but take their methodology beyond the organic label for a comprehensive approach to responsible business and consumption.

Clothing & Accessories 

Cosmos: Eco-minimalist textiles that release 0 wastewater during production

This Hong Kong-founded fashion brand sources recycled and ethically-grown fabrics to craft their minimal T-shirts and hats. Their trademarked dyeing processes for all of their products result in 0 wastewater. In addition, their signature Bottle Tee combines recycled plastic bottles with bamboo to create a super-soft fabric.

Everlane: Quality basics at radically transparent prices

It's no secret that much of the mass-produced fashion sold in stores today is made with the hands of disadvantaged factory workers in inhumane conditions. For Everlane, sourcing ethical factories comes first. The places they work with must meet strict requirements for fair wages, reasonable hours, and suitable working environments. Of course, all of that comes at a price, but Everlane operates with nothing to hide. All of their costs, from raw materials to transportation, are available on their website, and we can see exactly how much they mark up each product to keep their business going. 

Ecoalf: Low impact fashion #BecauseThereIsNoPlanetB

Since 2009, Ecoalf has constantly been improving how they source materials for their seasonal collections. Today, they are a PETA Vegan certified brand and B-corporation with a mission to reduce natural resource consumption in the fashion industry. Their recycled polyester-based jackets and coats are great sustainable alternatives for your winter wardrobe! 

Patagonia: Known for outdoor gear but does so much more

Patagonia needs very little introduction, though their activism and strong stance on environmental issues may be starting to eclipse their humble beginnings as a California-based outdoor clothing company. Every dollar spent is well worth the investment in a better tomorrow.

Wayks: Simple travel backpacks and accessories made from recycled PET bottles

Founded in Germany by a sister-brother-duo, Wayks' 3-in-1 travel backpacks feature modular designs that transform them from large packs to smaller day bags and cubes for travel needs. They're made for exploring the planet, not harming it, and their timeless, multifunctional designs eliminate the need to keep buying new bags.


Slowood: Organic, plastic-free, and zero-waste groceries for your home

Sometimes, when shopping in Hong Kong's supermarkets, we're horrified by the amount of individually plastic-wrapped produce and products on the shelves. That's why Slowood is such a welcome alternative for waste-free shopping and a one-stop shop for sustainable and organic products. We're so excited to see them grow and expand to more and more districts in Hong Kong! 

Fairtaste: Ethically sourced, certified foods devoted to fighting poverty and environmental degradation through fair trade

Fairtrade is a big part of Impact Berry's supply chain philosophy. That's why we're also big fans of Fairtaste products and supporting producers across all kinds of grocery categories like dried fruit, grains, nuts, and sauces. They're also available on HKTV Mall! 

Check out Suphia's Functional Foods and The Vege Lab for more organic, plant-based, and handmade treats! 

Beauty & Hygiene 

Coconut Matter: Plant-based and chemical-free beauty

Coconut Matter began as a deodorant brand made with organic, fair-trade coconut oil and has since expanded to include other beauty products that come in zero-waste compostable packaging. It's all handmade too, and their brand promises about ingredients and environmental impact make us feel safe to spread their products on our skin (and our blog). 

LUÜNA Naturals: Menstrual products made from organic cotton and medical-grade silicon

Most people have grown up using big brand menstrual products with absolutely no idea what they are actually made of. That's why LUÜNA Naturals set out to unmask the secrecy behind period products. They developed a line of single-use tampons, pads, and liners made from ethically sourced organic cotton, as well as reusable period cups free from toxins. Considering the number of period products the world goes through every month, people can make a massive difference by switching to more ethical hygiene habits. 

Also, check out Soaper DelightsSoap Yummy, and einnoc for some local Hong Kong soaps and skincare products made from natural, toxin-free ingredients!  


While these brands aren't precisely retailers, they're still welcome additions to sustainable lifestyles or business practices and are definitely worth mentioning!

Garment2GarmentA clothing recycling system accessible to everyday consumers in Hong Kong

IBUKUAll about bamboo – an interior design and architecture firm

INVISIBLEPlastic-free, water-soluble, biodegradable packaging (Every Impact Berry wholesale coffee order is packed in an #INVISIBLEBAG)

MilmillA recycling center that converts beverage cartons into paper pulp to recycle them

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