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by Sonja & Timo January 16, 2020 1 min read

Together with GrowsomethingHKour collaboration partner, whose mission is it to design, install and maintain organic vegetable gardens and therefore bring veggies into Hongkongs homes,  in November 2019, we created a sweet little Impact Herb Garden in the Hive Café in Sheung Wan.
ImpactBerry wants to make Hongkong greener and more self-sustainable!
This is our very first contribution and project to stay true to this vision in the Hive Café in Sheung Wan.

Thanks to the HiveCafé for offering the platform to experiment and grow greens.


Impact Berry and GrowsomethingHK love bringing the idea of vegetable Gardens into Hongkongs` homes. 

The herbs are used for water infusion for the Café and its visitors.

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