Mindfulness dedication Impact Berry Hong Kong Kimberly Farmer

Mindfulness dedication | Impact Berry

Mindfulness dedication Impact Berry Hong Kong Kimberly Farmer
In Impact Berry we strongly believe in dedication and clarity.
In 2016 with the help of many caring Indonesians, Baraka Nusantara built a beautiful study center near one of the villages where we source our coffees. In late summer 2019 Impact Berry used this precious resource for a mindful organization activity. Taking care of the things that surround us, is part of our daily lives. An activity that on first hand looks boring, can turn into a fun and joyful time. With the kids of the village, we did a quick book organization. Getting conscious again, which resources are available and on the other hand remembering where to find them, when needed, is a strong enabler for appreciation and awareness about consumption in every sense. The kids had lots of fun, although, it was challenging to keep their focus during the whole 1 and 30 minutes of the activity.
Your ideas and contribution is welcome!
Please let us know if you have any great ideas for fun but educative children activities and send an email to sonja@impactberry.com!

On the way to the Study Center.

In the woods in front of the study center.
In the house called RUMAH BELAJAR SANGKABIRA (study center).



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