NGO work in Indonesia - Insights on Pituq and our collaboration.

NGO work in Indonesia - Insights on Pituq and our collaboration.



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The Year 2019 was a fascinating one for Impact Berry.

Besides the fact that it is the official incorporation year of Impact Berry Limited, it also brought so many interesting collaborations and offered a path to step by step convert into reality our vision.

In September that year Impact Berry started to collaborate with Pituq Foundation.

Here is what Jaana, Executive Coordinator and Rahmatulah, Founder and Executive Chairman from Pituq Community Foundation say about who they are and where they want to go.


arabica coffee hong kong water waste


About Pituq Community Foundation

Pituq Community Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports less fortunate children, families and elderly people in Lombok, Indonesia.

For several years, the founders of Pituq Community Foundation have been raising funds to support the underprivileged people in Lombok with cash, clothes and other useful items. All profits from our Charity Shop on Gili Trawangan Island, our Sayang meditation classes and natural medicine consultations, and part of the profits from our Pituq Warung restaurant are donated to support the charity. The Foundation was officially established as an NGO in April 2018.


Our vision

The Pituq Community empowers the people of Lombok to live healthier, safer and happier lives.  Our goal is to educate and create learning opportunities that support people in discovering new skills and finding employment; promote ecological and sustainable solutions and build sustainable housing; and inspire holistic wellbeing. 

“We are a community of people supporting each other to improve the lives of those who need it the most.“ , Jaana Executive Coordinator


Helping the people of Lombok rebuild their community

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Following a multitude of natural disasters that hit the region in the summer of 2018, Pituq Community Foundation — together with a group of over 100 local volunteers and supporters — worked tirelessly sourcing and distributing supplies to remote regions, collecting donations, organizing trauma healing for children, as well as educating camps and villages about proper hygiene and sanitation. 

Supplies were delivered to over 400 locations, and our volunteers continue distributing clean drinking water and water filters to affected areas to this day. So far, nearly 800 water filters have been distributed, providing clean drinking water to 20,000 people in Lombok. In addition, 60 sets of earthquake resistant public bathrooms and showers, plus earthquake- resistant school facilities have been built in several areas. Numerous schools have also received education supplies and tools. 

“We have been humbled by the amount of donations people from all around the world have generously given.  And we will continue finding ways to raise more funds for those who need it most.” Rahmatulah, Founder and Executive Chairman


arabica coffee hong kong water waste


Facts about Covid-19

The island of Lombok has not been immune to the impact of the global pandemic. The lack of tourism has left thousands of people without jobs or a means to support themselves. Every sector, from farming to retail to hospitality to transportation has been badly affected. The elderly, who are most at risk, depend on their families to support them but now, that support may not be there. 

Pituq Community Foundation has had to postpone workshops, school lessons and regular activities since March, but we still keep working to find ways to support local communities. We set up the Pituq Shop & Drop Service for people who want to avoid going to busy markets or shops, and we employ tailors to make reusable respiratory masks, with the profits going towards donating masks to the most vulnerable communities. Care packages containing masks, food and hygiene products have been donated to nearly 400 families as of August 2020.  

Partnership with Impact Berry

Impact Berry shares similar core values with Pituq Community Foundation, as they established a social sustainable enterprise that supports communities to empower themselves with jobs, and provide better means for a healthier life and a cleaner environment.

Impact Berry donate part of their profits to underprivileged communities, and with their support, the Foundation has been able to distribute 36 water filters that provide clean drinking water for 1500 people around Lombok.

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The water filters not only provide a cleaner and healthier life for locals, they also reduce the need for boiling dirty water or having to buy water bottles, thus reducing plastic waste and carbon emissions in Lombok.

Protecting the environment

Pituq Community Foundation runs several projects that promote recycling and educate children and local communities about waste management. One example is the eco-bricks project, which repurposes plastic bottles filled with cleaned, dry plastic waste as bricks. Several villages and schools are making eco-bricks now, getting compensation for each bottle of a minimum 200g weight. So far, over 10,500 bricks have been made, which total more than 250 tons of plastic waste. These bricks have already been used to build a classroom wall and bathroom facilities in one earthquake-resistant school in East Lombok.

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Looking to the future

In the future, Pituq Community Foundation wishes to focus even more on the waste issues on Lombok. Our goal is to clean the environment, educate people about recycling, and create jobs in waste management.  We have plans to build machines to melt plastic and crush glass, so new products can be made from waste materials that would otherwise end up in landfills or in nature.

"On Lombok, only 10% of all waste is recycled, 22% goes to the landfills and 68% sadly ends up in nature due to limited waste management.", explains Rahmatulah.


The biggest challenge the Foundation is experiencing with regards to environmental and waste management projects is the lack of funding. In addition to the renewed focus on the environment, we’ll keep our other projects running, thanks to all the amazing donors, contributors and volunteers, that selflessly support our mission.


With each purchase of Impact Berry coffee, your are not only directly supporting Pituq Foundation, but also our earth, and people in creating a healthier habit for consumption.

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coffee arabica hong kong water waste

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