How to be sustainable in 5 easy steps

How to be sustainable in 5 easy steps

Read this list of 5 easy things for a more sustainable life style.

Our most important advise: make fun of it and start with the small things.

Change is a process, it requires patience.


1. Tidy up 

- What´s in your closet, kitchen, bathroom? 

- What´s on your phone? Any apps, you didn´t use for the last year?

- What´s in your mind?


2. Get inspired

-  read second hand books or magazines in Hong Kongs libraries or follow science blogs, websites or social media influencers to get inspired and share it with your loved ones

- For example: The World Economic Forum , Max la Manna


3. Take a walk

- meet and see friends, whether via video call like zoom, skype, facetime, whereby, whatsapp or in - person - try, exchange and retry - this empowers you to keep it up

- get into nature, breathe the air and feel the plants, Hong Kong has so many hidden walking trails, the classic morning trail on HK Island, but also when you leave the ferry at the peer of Cheung Chau and head left towards the coral beach

- explore new places to shop, when you want, like Eko Logic living in Happy Vally here: G/F, 16 Tsun Yuen Street, Happy Valley, Hong Kong


4. Buy less

- food: leave your plastic waste in the super market, or ask for less packaging, if you buy online, use local online shops like Jou Sun 

- things: use facebook, asiaexpat, caousel to buy, sell or just exchange things

- electronics: we buy our electronics from second hand platforms like Rebuy, do your have those in Hong Kong? Write me via, I´ll put it in this post

- clothes: Did you know? You can recycle your own clothes at the Fabrica Mills Garment 2 Garment recycle cycle here: Shop G05-07, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong


5. Share

- share your thoughts with friends and family and find fun ways to make it nice for everyone by listening to each others suggestions

- and also your best practises on your favourite social media account


oh, we have one more :-)

6. Plant more plants

- physically in your own home, like basil, aloe vera, or lettuce - look how Growsomething Hong Kong brings organic gardening into your home, Rooftop Republic converts under-utilised areas into green usable spaces 

- use other search engines than Google, like Ecosia, which plants trees while you are searching the web - this gives O2 back to the earth

- Did you know? With every Impact Berry Coffee purchase of yours, fruit-trees are planted in Vietnam, like Rambutan, Burmese Grape and Mango via Eco Group Vietnam

- Did you know? Impact Berry´s cards and labels are printed on recycled paper from the Green Pagoda Press


And really last but not least,

for coffee drinkers: buy Impact Berry Coffee, it is shipped from Asia directly to Hong Kong which uses up to 7 Kilogramm less carbon dioxide per KG of coffee, than other green coffee beans that are flewn in from South Africa or South America.

It is roasted locally in Hong Kong, which supports local work force and increases the cup quality while in line with local water and air conditions.

Listen to what else we have to say about coffee, how it is grown and harvested and consumed here on Claudia Lee´s Podcast Up to Some Good on Spotify.


Watch how Janice and her family, who love to drink Impact Berry Coffee, changed little habits to mange reduce their waste from 8 kilos a month to 500gramm a month! 



 Text: Sonja

Foto: Nic

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