Deforestation in Vietnam | Impact Berry

Deforestation in Vietnam | Impact Berry

We have a plan: through your coffee bag purchases, we provide water to the ones who most need it, we empower those, who have the most innovative ideas in developing areas and we want to give back to our planet. That´s why we do not only search with Ecosia, to plant trees, but we actually want to contribute financially and timewise to actively putting the plants into the ground.

That´s why, in November 2019 Impact Berry again went to Vietnam.

On the one hand we visited the farms and farmers, and participated in coffee processing, but on the other hand, we also started conversations with Thuy, one of the farmers, but also business man, that we came to know along our coffee journey. We talked about our ideas to turn one of his abandoned coffee farms into a biodiverse forest or a permaculture farm. During those conversations, we understood, that doing it ourselves, will be a huge endeavour. And we are currently not at that stage. We need people to work in the field continously, they need knowledge and dedication on the ground. So we decided to continue this path by supporting organizations that initiate and put in place actually ongoing reforestation projects in Vietnam.


Organic Coffee Flower

So far we approached 3 NGOs, (One-Tree-Planted - they unfortunately do not have a current project in Vietnam - but we stay in contact for future projects, Peacetrees - we are still in contact to figure out next steps, as well as we initiated contact with Eurasia.)

Those are only baby steps, but we believe, that with your help in purchasing Impact Berries, it will make a big difference in the longer run. Growing organically empowers the natural ecosystem supporting biodiverse jungles and wild forests.


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