An Update on our latest activities - open letter from Sonja to our dear Impact Berry customers

An Update on our latest activities - open letter from Sonja to our dear Impact Berry customers

Dear most appreciated Impact Berry Coffee lover,

Thank you for your persistent support in buying Impact Berry Coffee.

Please go on enjoying it with each sip.

Every time you decide to purchase Impact Berry, you decide, for a healthier planet, a better future, a more peaceful society.


Because at Impact Berry we pay attention to agricultural practises between nature and humans and this impacts the entire supply chain from seed to cup.

Today I'd like to share with you my latest experience when visiting Eco Vietnam Group, one of the NGOs, we at Impact Berry are collaborating with since end of 2019

Finally this January 2023 we were able to see and touch and even taste the fruit trees that thanks to you were planted in Tra Vinh.


Because with every bag of Impact Berry Coffee you order, we plant trees and support social impact projects around Asia.


The way to our Fruit jungle


Sonja, in the fruit jungle

Happily I am telling you, that some fruit trees, like Guava and Banana are having their first fruits right now, ready to be either eaten, or sold. We tasted the still a bit green guavas on the farm. They were a bit sour still and so they need some sun to get a bit riper.

With these first trees and fruits we are backing the fundament of our very first idea when thinking of creating Impact Berry idea: to contribute to local economies, livelihoods and better living standards especially in remote areas.

At Impact Berry we pay utmost attention to  the way we treat all living beings on our planet.

Trang, Director of Eco Vietnam Group explains about different Mango fruits

There is still much work to do. And this actually fuels us to keep going.

We support peace, science, reflection and every action we take is driven by the thought and hope, that one day, war as the major industrial catalizer is overruled by peace and other, ways to wealth. 

With this I am sending you a peaceful lunar new year,

May the moon be with you this and all the next years and may your wishes come true.


Most of all: I am wishing you health, the most important good we have.


Sincerely yours,

Sonja Debus

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