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Fairtrade Fine Robusta Organic Coffee Grounds Impact Berry Hong Kong
Fairtrade Fine Robusta Organic Coffee Grounds Impact Berry Hong Kong
THE WAKE-UP CALL (grounds)

THE WAKE-UP CALL (grounds)

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Sunbeams shoot through your window and make you blink into the enlightened room. You are waking up, slowly and still sleepy, but swinging out of bed to get ready for the day. All that is missing is your morning cup of coffee to boost your energy and kick off a new and successful day.
This coffee reveals the complex tastes of Indonesia, passing through the rich flavours of the vanilla- and cacao plants it grows with.
This coffee is for everyone with a preference for strong coffee with a full body. THE WAKE-UP CALL works best as espresso or for a more nutty, chocolatty hand-drip filter coffee. 
Our Roast

Roasting coffee is not only an art, it also requires skill and perseverance.
Did you know? The lighter the roast, the more fruity the brewed coffee will taste. We apply gentle heat using a traditional drum roaster to carefully bring out the flavours.

To give you the best coffee experience we apply a medium roast. 
This gives you the best of all roasting stages and reveals the full taste profile of the bean.
ROAST Hand-drip or Espresso
TYPE ground coffee
BEAN 100% organic fine Robusta
PRODUCER Family Farm w Farmer Group of 45 people, Handpicking & processing, 100% organic
REGION Lombok, Indonesia
ELEVATION 1.000 masl
PROCESS Honey Processed
NOTES Vanilla, White Chocolate, Hazelnut
AFTERTASTE Long lasting
ACIDITY / BODY / BALANCE Low / High / Medium