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Combining all aspects of the best beans and the richest soils, our Impact Blend will blow your mind! With its rich body setting the scene, subtle hints of citrus, caramel and hazelnut close out in a long lasting and memorable aftertaste.

How to brew

Works well with all coffee machines and brewing methods; best as espresso to enjoy full bodies and balanced.


Hand-picked and processed at farms in the Central Highlands of Vietnam and in the jungles of northern Lombok, Indonesia.


ROAST medium | Espresso

70% organic Arabica (Vietnam), 30% organic Fine Robusta (Indonesia)

ELEVATION 1.000 - 1.600 masl
PROCESS Honey Processed, Fully Washed


Freshly Roasted in Hong Kong

Roasting coffee is not only an art, it also requires skill and perseverance. We freshly roast our organic coffees right here in Hong Kong.

Did you know? The lighter the roast, the more fruity the brewed coffee will taste. We use a roast that best suits the bean, using a traditional drum roaster to apply gentle heat and carefully bring out the full flavour profile of the coffee bean.


To ensure freshness of your beans, Impact Berry packagings are moisture and temperature sealed and are equipped with a valve.

227 g - Compostable bags

500 g | 1000 g - Regular bags as long as stock lasts to avoid creating waste