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Impact Berry sustainable asian coffee buy online
Impact Berry sustainable Organic Fairtrade Arabica Coffee Beans are freshly roasted in Hong Kong. Empowering Communities.
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Specialty Arabica Coffee Impact Berry freshly roasted in Hong Kong

(whole bean | Blueberry, Citrus, Pine Tree)

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Let your mind wander away to be soaked into the vast hills of central Vietnam. Feel the crisp, fresh mountain air at over 1500 meters and the gentle hints of pine tree pampering your senses.
This coffee is a true allrounder - with or without milk - ready to give you a boost in the morning or to help you relax in an enjoyable moment at any time of your convenience.
This coffee is for everyone with a preference for a clear and honest taste.  THE SOFT VIET works both as hand-drip or for a fruity espresso.
Our Roast

Roasting coffee is not only an art, it also requires skill and perseverance.
Did you know? The lighter the roast, the more fruity the brewed coffee will taste. We apply gentle heat using a traditional drum roaster to carefully bring out the flavours.

To give you the best coffee experience we apply a medium roast. 
This gives you the best of all roasting stages and reveals the full taste profile of the bean.
ROAST Hand-Drip or Espresso
TYPE Whole Bean
BEANS 100 % organic specialty Arabica
PRODUCER Small Farm Collective, Hand Picking & Processing
REGION Central Highlands, Vietnam
ELEVATION 1600 masl
PROCESS Fully Washed
NOTES Blueberry, Citrus Notes, Pine Tree
AFTERTASTE Light, Fruity
ACIDITY / BODY / BALANCE Medium / Low / Medium